Friday, 8 August 2008

The Curly Girl Routine

The curly girl routine (or CG routine) was devised by Lorraine Massey in her book "Curly Girl: The Handbook". She talks about her experience of using conventional shampoo and how it caused her naturally curly hair to become frizzy. She discovered the benefits of going shampoo free and hasn't used shampoo for years.
Although it may seem like an odd concept at first, there are enough surfactants in conditioner to clean the hair properly. And no, your hair won't smell at all! In fact you hair and scalp will thank you for it.
One factor to bear in mind if you want to try this routine is that you must avoid silicones in your styling products. Many silicones are insoluble in water and can only be removed with harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulphate. This can lead to product build up, which can leave your hair looking greasy. Curl Harmony Cleansing Conditioner contains no silicones and only gentle surfactants and is highly recommended if you suffer from dry or frizzy hair.


charlie said...

I got this book last year and tried it last summer, but then felt guilty not using all the shampoo I had in the bathroom! Its nearly all finished now an dI am about ready to start afresh and try and make my own sls free stuff.

Nadine said...

It's great you're avoiding SLS products.