Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Flavour Mag

I was lucky enough to be featured in the September/ October Issue of Flavour Mag. The articles goes into the reasons I started the Curl Harmony brand. Click on the magazine cover and go to page 26. Click here to see the article.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Caring for Mixed Race Hair

Mixed race hair is incredibly beautiful. Although you may not think so on the days when the comb gets stuck in it or you’re unable to control the frizzing.
Finding the right products can often be a struggle, products for straight hair aren’t moisturising enough and product aimed at afro hair can leave your hair overly greasy. Learning what ingredients to avoid (take a look at our curly hair guide) along with certain techniques will improved the condition and appearance of your hair and turn even the driest hair types into softer, smoother fabulous looking curls.
Parents of mixed race children can sometimes find it a nightmare when trying to deal with their child’s hair. Particularly the case when the child’s hair differs hugely from the mother’s hair type. Following these top tips for all mixed race hair types and you’ll be on your way to better conditioned, more manageable hair.

· Always use a gentle shampoo. Every curly girl should avoid sulphates in their shampoo as this detergent can be too harsh on curly hair leading to dryness and frizzies. A good conditioner is essential to keep hair hydrated and healthy looking.
· Avoid using brushes as this often leads to frizz. Use a wide tooth comb instead.
· Never comb your hair when it is dry! Only comb hair when wet and saturated with conditioner. This will allow your curls to clump together giving better curl definition
· Ideally allow your hair to dry naturally. If that’s not possible use a diffuser on a cool setting until hair is about 90% dry. Whilst hair is drying don’t touch it! Playing with hair at this stage will separate the curls and lead to frizzy hair.
· Keep heat styling to a minimum. Mixed race hair is more fragile and thus more susceptible to damage. Too much heat can damage the hair so use a thermal protector and use the coolest setting if your appliance allows.
· At night, tie hair up in a loose scrunchie or wrap with a silk scarf. A satin pillowcase will reduce frizzing at night.

What a cutie! The great curl defintion achieved by one of my customers on her son's hair using Curl Harmony Leave In Conditioner. Absolutely zero frizz - fantastic!